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2024.04.15 00:40 GMT

July 20, 2023 and are going away! The servers are old, the software is old, and I am putting my efforts in life elsewhere. Please reach out to me (rootrider) if (at) you ( are interested in doing something with, or if you want the files from . I also have, if someone's interested. will stay mine, but the site will go down.

January 22nd, 2015
fixed my server configuration so that and work again. I believe is still used for people to download modules?
Most links on this site are broken these days, but my main goal is to keep the files online for others who want to have access to them.

January 18th, 2015
It doesn't matter at all any more, given the irrelevance of this site now, other than acting as a litestep module repository, but shellfront has just moved from the old liquidweb shared account that I started using in March of 2001 to my own server. I've been running my own servers since 2006, so it's about time that I move this site to one of them.

January 14th, 2007

I was slowly working on changing hosts. And then they disappeared. Yes, the host disappeared, literally. Fakelag has been without a host for a while now. I'm in the process of getting a new server installed at my workplace (a local datacenter) where I can kind of start this process all over again, but until then I'm stuck with this site. Liquid Web is 'working', but I need more performance and space than I'm getting from them right now.

Anyway, yes, I'm still working on getting things moved to a new server... I just keep running into road blocks.

August 9th, 2006
Check it out. I'm actually doing it. ShellFront is moving. I'm backing the site up right now and I've got dns ready to transfer over. Then I'll have to set everything back up, upload the old files, etc. My goal is to get the modules and utilities, old documentation, any other oft-used files up as soon as possible. The rest we'll worry about when the time comes. Please let me know (via email) if there's anything you think should be up quickly, since I've probably forgotten about it by now :). I'm only in contact with two people who are hosted by ShellFront. If you are hosted or use an email account I gave you or whatever and wish to continue to be hosted after I move the site please SPEAK UP. In a few days your account and everything else related to it will be gone if you don't.

My new main domain for everything I've got online is Most of what I have online is just a photo gallery with all of my photos, but I'll have other random things up over time.

Again, let me know if you have any personal interest at all in ShellFront moving. This site has been around for a long time and I haven't been involved for too long, so I've pretty much forgotten who is and isn't involved or connected in some way. Thanks!!

March 30th, 2006
If you missed the news, ShellFront's host lost the site yesterday. The hard-drive died and they failed to make backups of the accounts that were stored on that drive. I've encountered weird issues like this before simply because my account is so old. Anyway, I was told that that files were lost and that I'm screwed.. though there was a small chance that they could recover the files. Well, it looks like they were successful. It seems that all my files are back, though the permissions are back to default and something's wrong with how the scripts are accessing the db's. But at least it looks like the archives are still here, which is the whole reason this site still exists. Wish me luck. I'll likely be changing hosts in a couple months and then we'll see what we can do with the ShellFront and domains. Until then.. just be glad the files are still here.

That all said, let me know if any files or pages that you try to access are corrupt or just not there. Expect php and mysql errors, but the files themselves should still be good.


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