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Litestep Help - Index

There's a great need for tutorials in this world of alternative Win32 shells. There's an even greater need for tutorials and documentation for the Litestep shell. Therefore, I've written a few to put here on FPN in order to help ease the transition into Litestep for newbies and intermediate users alike. There're also a few tutorials written by other people and hosted on other sites that are listed here. Some of those deal with much more advanced topics that you may or may not understand.

Help/Reference Sites

  • Official Litestep Documentation
    This is where you get Litestep's Official Documentation. It's a great reference site for you to bookmark.
  • Litestep Command Reference
    LS Commands is where you go if you want a complete listing of the commands for nearly all of the Litestep modules.
  • Litestep FAQ
    This is the official Litestep FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Another great bookmarkable site.

Tutorials/Walk Throughs

  • Installing and Upgrading Litestep
    also: a list of must-have 3rd party modules)
    Probably one of the most important walk-throughs available for Litestep, this set of tutorials/informational pages will walk you through a basic installation of Litestep and upgrading LS to a more recent dev build. This is a must read for people who are installing or upgrading Litestep for the first time. Also linked from this page is a list of must-have third party modules (Litestep plug-ins).
  • Getting Litestep Setup on Windows 2000
    You have to do a few different things to get LS set up and working correctly in Windows NT4 and NT5. This page will give you all the info you need.
  • Installing Modules
    This has become a necessary tutorial in order to accomodate people who are unfamiliar with *nix or aren't as knowledgable about programs that use text-file configurations such as Litestep. So, I wrote up a quick walk-through explaining as best I could how to set up a module in Litestep.
  • Installing Themes
    How your Litestep configuration looks depends on your theme. Since there isn't any set theme standard for Litestep yet, it's quite confusing for most users when installing a theme for the firs time. This tutorial should give you a basic and general idea on how to set one up.

  • More Advanced Tutorials

  • Misc. tutorials
    A collection of tutorials written by la haine, including how to create a theme using nothing but the latest dev build and some images.
  • Scripting Litestep using mzscript.dll
    This is a great tutorial written by the folks over at leaf r&d explaining how to script LS using mzscript, which is a powerful scripting module.
  • Creating a Litestep Theme
    Darkfyre's put up this great tutorial on theming in LS. Read it!
  • Finding Memory Leaks in Litestep
    If you're having problems with Litestep or one of the modules causing memory leaks then this is the information that you need before submitting a bug to LSDev.
  • Testing Litestep for Problems
    If you're having a general problem with Litestep or a module and want to submit a bug to LSDev then you should follow the steps on this page first. This will help you and the dev team to better determine what the problem is.
  • Working With Shortcut Groups
    One of the cooler things you can do with Litestep, DarkStep, and PureLS is create shortcut groups and then hide/show them as a group. This tutorial briefly explains how to set these up.
  • Example of Multiple Popups
    Popup r9.3 (available via the Modules List) has the ability to have multiple popups. This allows you to create a left-click popup, a right-click popup, a popup activated by Ctrl+P, etc, etc. This page is simply an example of multiple popups.
  • Writing Litestep Modules - basics
    A while back, Visigoth held an IRC session where he explained the basics of a Litestep !bang module. He was planning on holding more tutorial sessions, but time fell short. Anyway, this is an excellent way to start writing LS modules if you already have experience writing in C or C++.

    Moving from Litestep to PureLS
    After PureLS was released, many people wanted to know exactly what they had to do to switch over. So, Tin_Omen wrote up this tutorial to help ease the transition.

Well, that's about it. If you have any suggestions for new tutorials/walk-throughs, or corrections to make, or criticisms (etc, etc) then please send them to me (rootrider).

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